2 kwietnia, 2005

OZE Smart Energy

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OZE Smart Energy

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Enalpha is primarily about green energy. You receive an energy audit prepared by our specialists, which will help you choose tools to increase the energy efficiency of your company. Alternative energy sources also mean independence and the possibility of generating additional income. As Enalpha, we consolidate energy producers and consumers by creating energy clusters and cooperatives.

Energy Clusters

Within energy clusters, we bring together local government units and local energy producers and consumers, providing access for the local community and businesses to cheap renewable energy. As an Independent Renewable Energy Operator (IREO), we coordinate investment projects and manage energy trading while taking care of the interests of cluster members.

PWR Ability

It's time for new solutions. The proprietary PWR Ability system consolidates energy consumers with potential green energy producers. The PWR Ability solution allows for increased energy efficiency and reduced operating costs for businesses.


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