13 maja, 2017

IoT Smart Home

Target Audience

Residential Developers

Number of users

14 000 +

Home Automation System

Appartme is a home automation system dedicated to multi-family housing. The solution allows for control over four key areas of the apartment: electricity, lighting, water valves, and heating. The client has access to an intuitive analog panel as well as a dedicated mobile application.

New Construction Standard

We believe that we are setting a new standard for multi-family housing construction. Smart solutions are increasingly appearing in developers' offers, and Appartme is the only solution dedicated exclusively to this type of client. This fact has made us the leader in this segment over the past two years, and the largest players such as Murapol, Marvipol, Spravia, Bouyguess Immobilier, Skanska, and OKAM have joined our group of clients.


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Residential Module

The residential module is the heart of the Appartme system, specially designed from scratch by the S-Labs team and manufactured in Poland. Despite supporting 5 channels and having a built-in module for 3-phase electricity measurement, the Residential Module occupies only 4 spaces on the mounting rail (4-DIN), making it extremely easy to implement in any electrical installation.


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