The first step to the future of housing

Appartme is a reliable home automation system that allows for local control of lighting, heating and electrical circuits both locally and remotely via mobile application. It can respond to the growing needs of users without additional cable installation.


User benefits

Remotely controlled house system

Electricity and heat usage management

Heating and air conditioning control via mobile application

Easy to expand system

Developer benefits

Increased apartment value

Bigger investment prestige

Competitive advantage

Easy installation



Our devices use the most innovative technology that is currently available on the market. Thanks to build-in bluetooth modules they communicate directly with the mobile app. Gateway Connect enables remote system control and when connected to the internet guarantees unlimited access to system functions from every place in the world.

  • Relay

    Relay Enables light, electrical socket, heating and water control. Embedded in electrical switchboard.
  • Sensor

    Sensor Responsible for three-phase measurement of electric energy consumption, Relay takes into account changes in network voltage. Embedded in electrical switchboard.
  • Connect

    Connect It enables communication between all devices. Thanks to patented cryptography system it guarantees safety and confidentiality of transmitted data. It can be connected to the network by ethernet cable or WiFi.
  • Plug

    Plug This remotely controlled adapter enables switching on/off of the connected devices, event creation and detailed energy consumption measurement.
  • Button

    Button Button allows for manual on/off control of selected installation circuits: lightning, temperature, electrical sockets and even water. It gives users’ apartment a hotel function.

available from Q4 2019


IoE Solutions

Our Internet of Energy (IoE) solutions extend Internet of Things to a more complex system that encompasses people and processes. Our devices, products and solutions are connected to the Internet and outfitted with expanded digital features. They go beyond what’s expected.