What is Smart Energy?

Smart Energy is a cost-effective, data-driven approach that supports diverse needs of today’s energy market. Whatever your goal is - revenue, energy efficiency, customer engagement, demand management - we provide the right solutions.

We connect users with energy and telecom providers


Our Smart Energy Solution consists of hardware and software infrastructure. By combining devices mounted in the consumers’ apartment with software that enables energy forecast, customer segmentation, and detection of particular devices in the network, we provide new business opportunities for utility companies.





for consumers



fot utility companies

Energy disaggregation

Energy Disaggregation technology is unique to our Smart Energy Solution. Also known as nonintrusive load monitoring (NILM), it can take a whole building (aggregate) energy signal, and separate it into appliance specific data.

What does it mean for energy providers?

  • More accurate demand prediction
  • Customer segmentation and personalised marketing campaigns
  • Direct, easy to ready, itemized energy bills and useful insights for consumers
  • Personalised and cost-effective energy saving recommendations for households

Demand-side response

With Smart Energy Solution comes revolutionary demand side management and energy forecast. Our Smart Energy Solution gives utility companies a possibility to manage peak load by encouraging consumers to use less energy during peak hours, or to move energy use to off-peak times such as nighttime and weekends. From now minimizing capital expenditure is possible thanks to benefiting end users who manage their demand.

Customer engagement

Smart Energy Solution is the key to customer engagement. Our user friendly mobile application comes with features such as smart home control, visualisation of energy usage, tailored tips, insights and recommendations. By providing rich and interactive experience you can increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty.

What does it mean for energy providers?

  • Inbound marketing and engagement tool
  • Personalised customer journey
  • Customised messaging and targeted promotions
  • Personalised product or service offering

What does it mean for energy consumers?

  • Smart home-like system
  • Detailed view of energy consumption
  • Remote control of connected appliances
  • Energy saving awareness

We have partnered with the biggest
utility companies in Poland

By delivering innovative IoT and digital solutions we change the way how energy is perceived.