Update as a Service

With no unified update service available, Uptee is a solution that solves today’s IoT market challenges. It makes product development easier, so you can keep doing what’s important.



Uptee is an essential component for any successful IoT system. It solves problems related to the traditional manual update method such as scaling beyond the development phase and updating geographically dispersed devices.


  • allows for remote software update
  • gives you a headstart by speeding
    up time-to-market
  • reduces expensive production-grade
    update service costs
  • reduces development costs
  • solves HR issues concerning limited
    number of specialist on the market


  • Bootloader 23kB
  • iOS and Android libraries
  • reference application
  • web platform

IoE Solutions

Our Internet of Energy (IoE) solutions extend Internet of Things to a more complex system that encompasses people and processes. Our devices, products and solutions are connected to the Internet and outfitted with expanded digital features. They go beyond what’s expected.