Wirelessly controlled adapter

This small and handy adapter enables remote switching on/off of the connected devices. It’s small size and unique design enables Plug to be used side by side with power strips and multi-outlets. Connected with the mobile app via Bluetooth (directly or through our Connect Gateway), Plug allows for energy consumption measurement and event creation.



Power switch

Measurement of electricity consumption

Event calendar (switching devices on and off at the set time)

Child-proof socket shutters


Plug has a standard input, making it most versatile solution for applications across Europe. It also includes button to allow manual switching. Our Bluetooth connection standard passed all needed certifications including CEE


available from Q4 2019


IoE Solutions

Our Internet of Energy (IoE) solutions extend Internet of Things to a more complex system that encompasses people and processes. Our devices, products and solutions are connected to the Internet and outfitted with expanded digital features. They go beyond what’s expected.